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People, it is clear you did not follow our heart healthy good luck advice this past year. Lets get the right jump on 2021!  and start this new year with the proper instruments of luck.“peas for pennies, greens for dollars, and cornbread for gold.” That makes for three of four special items here that are said to bring fiscal success and healthy finesse your new year. All piled up beside a pound of thick center-cut Country Ham.


Usher in 2021 with our tastiest

King’s New Years Ham Special!
You don’t wanna miss this! Our Southern-cured country ham means slices of delicious salty goodness (we won’t tell your doctor). Make it a meal by pan-frying it straight up with some of our yummiest sides for only $25.95


Order our King’s New Years Ham Special for dinner tonight.
What’s Included In This Pack?

• 1 Lb (pt.) Collard Greens



• 1 Lb (pt.) Black-Eyed Peas



• 1 Lb Center Cut Country Ham Slices



• Two Dozen Hush-Puppies



Only $25.95


King’s Collard Greens

King’s is going to let you in on a little secret…collard greens are a nutritional powerhouse. Put this new superfood on your menu, because one taste of these locally-grown, home-cooked leafy greens will have you hooked. We like ‘em just how grandma cooks ’em with a dash of vinegar!

King’s Black-Eyed Peas

Make 2021 your best year yet with our Southern soul food staple. The traditional good-luck triple threat is “peas for pennies, greens for dollars, and cornbread for gold.” Our black-eyed peas are locally-grown, home-cooked, and hey, who couldn’t use a little extra luck or money?

King’s Country Ham Center Slices

Our Southern-cured country ham slices are a delicious meal in and of themselves. Enjoy these fresh ham slices sent directly to your door for dinner or fried up with biscuits for a great breakfast.

King’s Pre-Cooked Hushpuppies

These hushpuppies are finger-shaped deep-fried dumplings of cornmeal that’s got more taste in two inches than the law allows. Includes 2 dozen (24) Hushpuppies!

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Weight 4 lbs