Heating Instructions

Barbecue & Veggies:

Stove Top: Place food in Heavy Skillet on low heat. Stir Frequently.
Oven: Place food in a covered container. Keep Oven heat on low as well.
Microwave: Spread food in a shallow bowl and allow 1-2 minutes per pint. Make sure to stir food up and rotate.


Oven: Place Ribs on a pan and use low Heat until hot enough to serve.
Grill: Place Ribs on grill above Hot Coals, turning occasionally until hot.
Microwave: Place Ribs on a plate allow 2-3 minutes per rib.


Oven: Place on a cookie sheet, low heat (300-325) for 12-14 minutes.
Stove Top: Heat up some grease for frying (350), Place hushpuppies in grease for 3-5 minutes.