Kings BBQ Subscription $329


Perfect gift saves up to $230 on shipping for customers that love our product and want seconds but don’t like to pay as much for shipping as they do for grub.

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Give the gift that keeps on giving with King’s NEW Subscription Meal Box!

Enjoy four mouth-watering Eastern North Carolina BBQ feasts. We have a variety of four combination meal items that serve between 4-6 people, with most of the items being freezable for a later date or multiple meals for an individual. We are covering the cost of shipping and handling anywhere in The United States of America. If you see a $15 handling fee then our software couldn’t wave it and the $329 price was reduced to $314 to supplicate that difference.

We guarantee our product and service and we will accept alterations to shipping dates and addresses for our customers predicated upon their individual circumstances. We understand people travel and move and plans change with all sorts of factors. WE CAN ACCOMODATE YOU but please give us as much notice time as possible.

What Deliciousness Is Included?:

Box 1: Oink Sampler

1 lb. King’s Hand-Chopped Pork BBQ
2 racks King’s BBQ Pork Ribs
1 pint King’s Brunswick Stew
1 pint King’s Cole Slaw
1 pint King’s Potato Salad
1 doz. King’s Hushpuppies
1 5 oz. King’s Delight BBQ Sauce

Box 2: Family Pack
3lb. King’s Hand-Chopped Pork BBQ
2pint King’s Brunswick Stew
1pint Potato Salad
1pint Slaw
3 doz. King’s Hushpuppies
1 5 oz. King’s Delight BBQ Sauce

Box 3: Meat Lovers
3 lbs. King’s Hand-Chopped Pork BBQ
4 racks King’s BBQ Pork Ribs
2 lbs. Smoked Sausage
2 doz. King’s Hushpuppies
1 5 oz. King’s Delight BBQ Sauce

Box 4:Sandwich Pack
3 lbs. King’s Hand-Chopped Pork BBQ
2 pints King’s Coleslaw
2 doz. King’s Hushpuppies
1 12-pack Buns
1 5 oz. King’s Delight BBQ Sauce

Looking for a great gift for your father, a loved one, coworker, mother dearest, celebrity crush, military service member we should uplift, dedicated nurse who has forgotten to eat being so busy, law enforcement official maintaining his integrity in uncertain times, local cab driver that treated you well, righteous member of your church who decided their time could be used for you, kind soul you got to know during shared medical treatment, or stranger in a strange place you don’t know but want to be kind towards…,? Or be kind to yourself. Grab a BBQ Subscription Box Today

Important Details:

Step 1: Order the box. If this is for you, enter your email address and address information to enjoy our delicious feasts with ease!
Sending as a gift? Enter your recipient’s address in the Shipping Address field and be sure to include their email address as the email address for the order. This ensures that they know an amazing gift is on the way.
Due to the perishable nature of the food we are sending, it’s very important that your recipient knows when their gift will be arriving and their email address is included in the order.

Step 2:
The recipient will receive the first subscription order the month following the purchase of the subscription. Order your boxes throughout the year. Please be sure that we have at least a week notice prior to the Holiday or custom date we have agreed to fill; In order that we assure your package is delivered with care and promptness. 

Below are the delivery dates and meals:

• Christmas/New Years Starter Box – Box 1: Oink Sampler
• April Easter Box- Box 2: Family Pack
• July Independence Day Box – Box 3: Meat Lovers
• September Labor Day Box- Box 4:Sandwich Pack

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or Call Carolina Oink Express at 1 800 332-6465